Anne Harris Portraits | Testimonials

I would give Anne 6 stars if I could! She shot our wedding and I couldn't be happier. From the get-go she was super professional, detail-oriented and responsive. Her sense of what I wanted really helped since I wasn't really that descriptive, and she managed to distill from my unclear direction exactly what to do.

She has a really great sense of people and captures just the right moment, while also getting the backgrounds perfect. Would highly recommend her photography - she is easy to work with, fun, sweet and very talented. Couldn't be happier
. ~Rebecca

Anne takes fantastic photographs.  My favorite thing about the photos she took of my husband and I is that she truly managed to capture "us" in the pictures.  Forget fake smiles and stuffy poses, the pictures she took really let our relationship with each other shine through.  Anne is also a pleasure to be around and makes the entire experience fun and casual, we will definitely hire her in the future to capture milestones in our lives. ~Ashley D.

Chinese proverb: "One picture is worth ten thousand words."  Well, that is true but with the works of Anne Harris, there are not even close to 10,000 words to describe the wonder of her work - her professionalism, her photographer's "eye", and the ability to capture emotion and setting.  Anne has provided our family with timeless photography that we are proud to display, and share.  My wife & I are so very much looking to more chances to have Anne be our photographer as life goes on! ~ Joe P.

Anne's photography captures the personalities behind the people.  She has a keen artistic eye and she is fun and friendly to work with.  We have two young children which means shorter attention spans and impulsive energy, and even with them running all over the place Anne easily and gracefully captured many brilliant action shots and extraordinary facial expressions of our daughters.  The finished pictures were stunning! Anne's incredibly fast turnaround time from the start of the session to having the finished photos ready for viewing can't be beat. ~ Tracy N

Anne took our maternity photos and I couldn't be more pleased.  She worked with us and the weather to making it actually happen (rained out for 2 weeks before we could do the shoot). I've gotten so many compliments of the photos from family and friends.  Anne is a professional and enjoys what she does. Some of my favorite shots are the ones she came up with.  I'm glad I let her be the creative director. I'd recommend Anne Harris for pictures any day. ~D. D.

I was very impressed with Anne. From the beginning she was extremely professional, pleasant and easy to work with. When we ran into a bit of a location snafu, Anne was quick to come up with an alternative location that turned out to be just right. She was great with our kids and seemed to know the magic secret for getting them to look adorable (I mean, they ARE adorable, but they have a knack for looking angry, disinterested, and/or certifiably insane in photos.) I myself tend to hate taking pictures, so I'm amazed at how many great shots resulted from this session. We finally have some frame-worthy family photos, and for the first time in years I made photo cards for Christmas. Hooray! ~ Sara G.

I look forward to sending out our family photo card every year, this year I am super excited about it! My family had a photo shoot with Anne Harris last month and the photos look fantastic. She was really great to work with, she had the venue all scoped out and was very efficient. My 2 kids, hubby (who dreads this photo shoot thing every year)  and I had a lovely experience with Anne. She knew just what to do, where to go and got it done so fast. She worked well with my children and my husband has fond memories of the experience. Maybe next year he won't groan when I tell him I booked our family photo shoot. ~Kiki

Anne Harris brings her skill and eye as an artist to every thing she does.  This includes her photography.  I have worked with other photographers and I have to tell you not only were her photos spectacular, she was also a joy to work with.  She was patient and kind. She listened to our ideas and gave them a try.  Her motto seemed to be, it's all digital so we can shoot as many as we need to get the right picture.  We never felt rushed but she got it done in a very efficient manner.  She listened to our input and then gave us even better ideas using our desires as a loose guide.

The finished product?  Amazing!  I usually hate all pictures of me and I loved several from this shoot.  Yep, we have our Christmas photo!!  But we have so much more.  My husband and I had never done a couples shoot and this was so much fun and now we actually have some great pictures of the two of us together.  Kudos to you Ann and thank you for making this such a fun and productive day!! ~ Linda

We just had an extended-family photo session with Anne on Saturday --- and were looking at the beautiful photos by Sunday! Anne is so much fun to work with. She kept us relaxed and entertained all the little ones, while taking some truly stunning photos. These are going straight on our wall! We did some casual shots with babies climbing all over the adults, and some more traditional ones too. It was a really fun experience. ~ R.F.

"Thank you Anne for doing such a super-amazing job photographing our wedding!
You got so many shots of me with my eyes open -- a small miracle --
but also managed to catch keepsake-quality shots of so many of the couples and children.
We sent some of those "couple shots" with our thank you notes and the recipients love them." ~ Michael S.

"Absolutely love journalistic style pics....You have captured wonderful moments -
amazing pics!! Wish you were taking photos back when I got married." ~ Iris Y.

"Anne - You have the photographer's eye and timing to capture the perfect emotion
in your photographs. Your photos are incredible!" ~Vacilis K.

"In terms of time and location, Anne was flexible and accommodating.
She was very patient and engaging with our little ones. She had a vision and was driven to get in all the great shots
... and our pictures turned out BEAUTIFUL!! Thank you Anne!
" ~ Amber K.

"My family (all five of us) invaded Anne's lovely studio for family portraits last weekend,
and we're completely thrilled with the results. She put everyone at ease and created the perfect indoor
and outdoor shots. They're lit perfectly and really capture our family! The experience was so fun,
and we finally have a wonderful family portrait. Anne is awesome!" ~ Sara W.

As soon as I met Anne in the parking lot at Temescal park I knew that I would feel comfortable with her in front of the camera. She has a wonderful warmth about her.
She took some incredible photos of our family and even managed to miraculously get pics of our little 2 1/2 year old who currently hates having any cameras pointed in her direction. My 6 year old loved chatting to Anne and she got some amazing shots of her running around the park. I would highly recommend Anne and would love to book another sessions with her when our girls are a year older. ~Angela M.

"Anne did family photos which I've been wanting for years but couldn't get my family
all to get to one place at the same time for. She came to our house and managed to get all
of us together and comfortable, including the dog. She was also able to take a head shot for my
husband who is a realtor and it has become my favorite photo of him of all time!" ~ Jay K.

I am not comfortable having my picture taken or being in front of a camera; however, I worked with Anne to take my maternity photos and had such a wonderful experience, we then worked with her to take our son's newborn pictures. I cannot recommend Anne highly enough...she is sensational!  In both photo shoots, Anne was patient and professional, she provided us with lots of creative ideas, and gave perfect direction to help us get the best images possible.  Anne is clearly passionate about her work and cares deeply about what these moments mean.  She has an artistic eye and a talent for framing beautiful images.  Anne took her time with us, allowing us to get a variety of photos with family and props and even brought samples to help give us additional ideas.  We were able to get our photos quickly to share with friends and family!  But the best part is having photos that make you smile and that you will cherish forever.  If you are looking for a photographer who will take incredible pictures, capture your most precious memories, and make you feel relaxed & comfortable then you MUST work with Anne Harris. ~ Anita

Anne takes great photos! She took some newborn pictures for us, including toddler-sibling pictures. She's extremely professional, GREAT with kids and babies (and crazy new moms), really easy to work with, and FAST. I dread working with most photographers because they usually take weeks, or even months, to get your images to you, and then when they do, they are not filtered so you have thousands of photos to sift through yourself. Ack! But NOT ANNE! Her turnaround time is so quick, and the number of photos is always manageable and really beautiful. I've recommended her to others, who have also been really pleased...and as soon as we can get our act together, we're going back for more photos of our kids! ~ Cynthia

"Anne, thank you so much for taking the time to photograph our family.
You are truly amazing and talented behind the camera.  You captured timeless moments
which we will now treasure forever." ~ Irma N.

If you want great, quality photos and amazing moments captured in time, just look for Anne. She's AMAZING!! I was blown away picture after picture when I viewed our gallery. She was so fun to work with and pretty awesome with kids. Not only did I find a great photographer for us (finally!), I also gained a friend. Thank you Anne! ~ Katherine R.

With two rambunctious little boys and a run away dog, my family can be incredibly difficult to photograph.
Anne was so mellow, patient, and accommodating, this was the best photo shoot we've ever experienced.
She took a TON of pictures and we are so happy with the results. My boys look genuinely happy
in all of the shots, which is extremely rare, especially for my 4 year old who usually sulks
during every family photo session. She picked a fabulous location where my boys (and dog)
were free to play, they forgot the camera was even there and I'm so happy with the candid nature of many
of the shots. The lighting in the photographs was stunning. Many great moments captured on film
and I truly appreciate it! Thanks Anne! ~ Heather R.